Ahero Report

This is Brian's second time preaching an evangelist campaign.  He joined our team last year in Ghana, West Africa to preach in the town of Bekwai where 142 souls were baptized.  This year, in the town of Ahero, Kenya, Brian met with many challenges.  The site was not fully prepared, the screen for the Power Point presentations didn't go up until five minutes before he spoke, and periods of rain interrupted some of the meetings.  Despite the challenges, the campaign went forward with fervor and as a result, 102 souls were baptized.

As a result of his experiences and hearing the Lord speaking to him, Brian will be studying Theology at Southern Adventist University starting January 2003.

Campaign Site in Ahero, Kenya.  Ahero means "I Love" in the Luo Language.  Could there be a better place to preach the gospel and tell of the love of God?  Crowd starting to form after rain cleared off.  Rain posed problems several evenings, but we continued on. There was plenty of good music provided by various youth choirs
Baptismal Candidates for first baptism held June 9, 2002 Walking and singing through market area of Ahero as we make our way to the river for the baptism First baptism, June 9, 2002

Forty-seven souls baptized

Ahero Campaign Committee in front of the Oriwo S.D.A Church Second baptism, June 15, 2002  Forty-one souls baptized Newly baptized church members assemble in front of the platform to receive Bibles.
Handing out Bibles Brian giving his farewell words with the help of his translator Clarence