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Kenya National Campaign

May 31 - June 15, 2002

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Njoro - Bernd Kappler

Christian Bernd Kappler is the chairman and owner of an electronic High-Tec Company.  He was one of the group from Germany who preached their first evangelistic campaign in Kenya.  He took these pictures and sent them to be included in this report.

The picture below on the left shows the stage, built with much love--and an  interesting design. The roof ended just before the pulpit, which became interesting was interesting when the rain came, which it frequently at mi site. 

Bernd Kappler and his wife, Adina, stand with their translators (below, right).  Bernd said, "They were very cordial, like all my sisters and brothers in Africa and became my friends."

The screen, below left, worked well when all was quiet.  But it became quite adventuresome when the wind came.  Adina loved the children (below, right) and they sensed this and followed her at every opportunity.

The two pictures below show the baptism at which approximately 100 people gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Bernd Kappler wrote after returning home.  "When I preached at the University of Egerton, several students and teacher decided to take Bible studies.  Praise the LORD!   I may forget many things about our experience in Kenya, but I will never forget the dear, loving eyes of the children.  When our daughter saw the pictures of the children she asked why I had not brought home one of these sweet children. Needless to say, I would have loved to bring them all!  As you can see, my dear Brother, the fire of the mission has seized me!

I am invited almost every second week to another church to tell the story of our experience in Kenya and how God still works today.  Each of those sermons with pictures takes nearly two hours.  Then in the afternoon the video report and further discussion takes another two hours.  Our brothers and sisters here in Germany are so thankful for the opportunity to have this experience and because you are organizing everything.  They have asked me to pass their thanks on you!

Often many guests come to hear these sermons.  So I use the opportunity to tell them about Jesus and to let them see that He still lives! I have been asked to hold the same series of meetings in my church next year as we preached in Africa. You see, things are working out here exactly as you said  to me in Nairobi.  I  thank you and our Lord Jesus Christ for this experience!  

One of the brothers in our church would like to participate in such a crusade, just as I would like to do again.   I am pleased for the 'Kenya-experience'  and I hope it will not be the last time. God Bless, your brother in Christ.   Bernd Kappler" 

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