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Kenya National Campaign

May 31 - June 15, 2002

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Kakamega - Ben Kochenower

Ben used to take his vacations for his own personal enjoyment. Now he takes his vacations to preach the Word of God. Kakamega was Ben's third evangelistic campaign.  He comes from Spartanburg, SC and bring his own "southern hospitality" to Kenya. Everyone he meets he invites to attend the meetings.

Ben is pictured here with his translator and a local pastor (left) and then meets with his team before speaking. 

Ben communicates his love for Jesus and the Good News of the gospel and the Second Coming of Christ with extraordinary power and enthusiasm.

The park where Ben spoke (left, above) is beside the main road into Kakamega. Ben's wife, Susan Kochenower (right), gets help from a local church member to prepare for the meeting.

This choir from Rwanda sang beautifully.  What was unusual was the creative way they dramatized the message of their song.

The crowd pays attention to every word Ben says. Ben keeps their interest by his fervor for their salvation. Kids are kids everywhere, and are irresistible for photographers.

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