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Kenya National Campaign

May 31 - June 15, 2002

(Last updated July 16, 2002 02:05 PM)

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Eldoret, Langas Campaign - Steve Rose

Pastor Steve Rose, from Alabama,  accepted the challenge of his first evangelistic campaign, and decided to do it in Eldoret.  As we arrived in town about noon the beautiful strains of a singing group from the central park attracted our attention, along with the general public.  There Steve spoke briefly each noon and invited the public to attend the evening meetings.  His campaign site was next to the open air market area and the crowd grew night by night.

Pictured here is the platform from where Steve preaches from. His translator blended well with him so he did not skip a beat in between sentences.

Robert Folkenberg had some time to visit with Steve Rose during his visit to Eldoret.

Jo Dee Shoffner played her violin and and then sang in Kiswahili, which surprised the crowd.

The local music group Silver Strings plays and the crowd was ecstatic to hear them. The kids were dancing to music as the band sang about God.

The locals don't see camcorders very often. Here they are watching themselves being recorded.


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