Pastor Gary Wilson from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dr. Gayle Wilson from Dallas, Oregon. The brothers teamed up to deliver messages on the Gospel, family life and personal health. God has richly blessed their labors in Butare.


The overwhelming majority of citizens in the university town of Butare are of the Roman Catholic faith. Attendance averaged over 1000 nightly with non-SDA's making up one-third to one-half attending.  Hundreds of baptisms are expected.



  Pastor Gary Wilson stands beside an Adventist pastor's widow. The tragedy left her with two infant twins to raise.  The Wilson brothers donated four sewing machines to the local mission with the stipulation that the recipients must make payments into a fund to buy more machines. The pastor's widow received the first sewing machine.  Notice it is foot operated.


If you would like information about their trip, you may contact the Wilson brothers by email. Dr. Gayle Wilson -- cassowary AT juno.com.   Pastor Gary Wilson--gkwilson AT email.com

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