Mary Ann Roberts Ph-D and Anna Brown

The meetings have been blessed with over 4,000 in regular attendance with 1800 non-SDA's. Mary Ann and Anna are from North Carolina. This is Dr. Roberts' second crusade. She holds a Ph-D in neuroscience. Anna, who works in the health food industry, helps with the health presentations and opening prayers. The Rwandan team includes the Union president and a local pastor.




If the sky looks dark over the stadium, it's because it rained just enough to get things wet and the wind blew just hard enough to blow the screen down.

Mary Ann prepares as the choir sings.

Preaching the Word of God--with power! Note the screen looks a little worse for the wear, but it survived nicely.


Many responded to the call for baptism on Saturday night, July 20,2002.  Mary Ann calls it the greatest Sabbath of her life.






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