Pastor Leonel Pottinger preaching the Word

  Elder Leonel Pottinger is pastor of the Hackensack and Elizabeth churches in the New Jersey Conference. Previously, pastor Pottinger served as the evangelist for the Central American Union and was president of the Costa Rica Mission--his home country. Pottinger has severed God's Remnant Church for the past 32 years.  This is his first trip as a guest evangelist for Global Mission as sponsored by the Carolina Conference and The Quiet Hour.  Pastor Pottinger welcomes email about his experience in Rwanda. Email him at: leonel AT  Elder Pottinger wishes to offer his sincere thanks to his family and his local congregations for helping to sponsor his trip.  The Hackensack congregation will built a church in India in 2003 as part of the Global Mission project.

The stadium attendance grew nightly to average 3,500 


Well-behaved children sit in the front and listen intently


  Guest evangelist Pottinger meets with the local church staff every moring at 6:00 am so that the people can leave for their jobs by 7:00 am. You'll notice they are sitting on piles of bricks as the church is under construction.  It's called the "Galilee Church" because of the beautiful setting that overlooks a very large lake.



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