Pastor Gregory Hudson preaches the Word. His meetings, averaging over 6,000 in attendance nightly, are being held at a stadium in the city.  Greg is the youth pastor at Georgia Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia.  He is a graduate of Southern Adventist University and Andrews University.  He holds an AS in nursing and an M-Div.

  Guest Evangelist Hudson and his team are in Northern Rwanda which is a beautiful semi-mountainous area with seven volcanoes in sight of the city.  The combination of rich volcanic soil, a temperate climate and people known for their hard work, make this one of the most productive and beautiful places in Rwanda.

  Greg encourages people to contact him about his Rwanda experience at gphudson AT


A colorful choir awaits their turn to share God's love in song.



Javan K. Harelimana is the translator.  Javan works for the Rwanda Union translating Sabbath School quarterlies, mission readings and offering appeals from English into the Rwandan language. He is also translating The Great Controversy by E.G. White. Javan's wife Priscilla is a student at the local univeristy.  ''



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