Elder Jim Zachary, accompanied by an interpreter speaks at Nyanza.  Pastor Zachary will soon complete 51 years service for God's Remnant Church.  Zachary is Director of International Evangelism for The Quiet Hour.  Elder Zachary is supported by a loving wife back home who has probably spent 20 years of their marriage as a "traveling preacher's widow."


The smiling choir waits to sing.  Rwandan choirs are outstanding!


A local church leader passes out baptismal cards. The anticipated baptisms will be in the hundreds.


Over 2,500 attend the nightly meetings at a local sports stadium.


   In Rwanda there are Seventh-day Adventist churches without roofs.  The buildings are made of mud bricks and covered with corrugated galvanized steel.  A roof can cost between $1000-2000.  The buildings are simple but adequate in the mild climate of Rwanda. There are no pews, most have stadium style concrete seats and open windows.

  Speaking on behalf of The Quiet Hour, Elder Zachary tells of donating a complete sound system (with generator) to the local mission for use in public evangelism.  He calls Rwanda a "country full of widows and orphans" as he refers to the awful results of the war seven years ago.  The Quiet Hour has been donating blankets, Bibles and Bible studies to the nearly 200,000 prisoners still awaiting trial.

  You may contact Elder Zachary of The Quiet Hour Ministry about becoming a guest evangelist or helping with the needs of the people in Rwanda at -- jimz AT thequiethour.org



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