Tom Murray and his team

 Tom Murray is a contractor from Boston.  His meetings have averaged over 3000 nightly and have grown to the point where they can't fit all the people in. One family attends his meetings by riding  9 miles (15km) on a bicycle--with mother riding on the back holding a child!


  Guest Evangelist Murray greets all visitors with a handshake for the adults and a fist bump for the children.  Then, when everyone is seated, Tom has the children sing along as he plays "Lift Up the Trumpet" on his harmonica.  These photos were taken on July 18th and as usual the meeting area was packed.  In the background you can see the local Seventh-day Adventist Church.

    An area church leader described the people of Rusororo as having a "sweet spirit."  These folks live about 16 miles from the capital city and have simple houses made of mud bricks. The houses are not huts, instead they are full-sized homes with metal roofs. However, most of the houses in the community have neither water nor electricity. People carry their water in 5 gallon plastic containers from a state supplied source on the main road. Light for most houses is with kerosene lanterns. All roads off the main paved highway are dirt and in poor condition. The local diet consists mainly of Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, peanuts, cassava, corn, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Banana trees are everywhere.  In this area, the growing season is long enough for two crops per year.  And--about the "sweet spirit" of the people--it's true.  The folks have a genuine kindness and happiness that shines from behind their sparkling eyes. Ask Tom Murray, he'll gladly tell you all about it! 

At at water filling station in Kigali



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