Nyamirambo Stadium


Elder Folkenberg, Katrina Lubinski, Wes Olfert and Marvin Hunt

 Elder Folkenberg is conducting these meetings in a large outdoor stadium.  Opening night saw attendance of over 3000 with crowds continuing to grow to a nightly average of from 5,000 to 7,000 with weekends exceeding 12,000, as can be seen below.  Standing beside Elder Folkenberg is Katrina Lubinski, from Illinois.  She is a student at Weimar College and a gifted singer.  To Folkenberg's right is Wes Olfert who has provided invaluable technical support with all of the electronic gear necessary for a large stadium presentation.  The team from Rwanda includes the Rwandan Union Publishing Director, and Associate Treasurer, the Women's Ministry Director, and pastors and laymen.

Elder Folkenberg with interpreter speaks to 12,000 on Sabbath July 20, 2002


Bibles open, the people listened to the sermon

One of many wonderful choirs that sang

Responding to a call on Sabbath, July 20,2002.  The total attendance was over 12,000

Thousands go home for lunch and then return for the afternoon meeting

  Behind the stadium a neighbor boy sells boiled eggs. Note there are 30 eggs in the carton.  Eggs are not sold by the dozen, instead they are sold 30 at a time.  Out of town, beside the highway, local people wrap 30 eggs in banana leaves and display them in rows along the road. The packages are about the size of a bowling ball with a handle on top.

At the bus stop outside the stadium a smiling 14 year old girl sells cigarettes and candy


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