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Lagos, Nigeria

The Quiet Hour International Campaign

October 11 - 26, 2002

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SDA Church in Nigeria:

Participants: In addition to promised presence of the Holy Spirit, the other major participants include the members of 60 congregations in Lagos; Elder Bill Tucker, Speaker Director of  The Quiet Hour, and a team of guest evangelists recruited by Elder Tucker.

Locations: The group agreed the primary site would be the Balagun State Stadium (pictured below) as well as another 10 locations scattered throughout the city.

Objectives: a) To challenge and equip the members to have given a complete set of Bible studies to 25,000 individuals between March 1 and October 10, 2002.

b) To mobilize these individuals to attend a reaping series of meetings in 1 of 11 sites,

c) To lead at least 10,000 of these individuals to baptism,

d) To leave another 5,000 people studying in preparation for future baptisms,

e) To leave each new member assimilated into a congregation and giving Bible studies.

f) To provide an opportunity for participation in a major evangelistic event to a large number of guest evangelists and support teams, including laymen, young people and pastors.

It is evident that the success of these meetings will depend largely on the number of church members that become personally involved in giving Bible studies and the number of individuals with whom they are working.  To facilitate their activities almost 200 lay-coordinators will be selected and trained between prior to March 1, 2002 each of whom will recruit, assist and mentor up to 30 laymen in their respective personal Bible study activities.  These will be the key individuals to oversee the visitation program during the crusade, and during the time after the crusade when the new members are assimilated into the church and trained to be spiritually mature soul-winning members.  In other words, discipled.

Hotel:  Lagos Airport Hotel

The published price for this hotel is US$65 per day, presumably for two people. Breakfast at the hotel costs $4 per day.  I have asked the union to confirm this information.  They are supposed to be asking for discounted rates for our group. The Union will provide the other two meals at US$7.50 per person per day.  (Telephone numbers are still to be provided)



Conference Sites

1. Balagun State Stadium: Supported by 24 congregations with 5,300 members, the objective is to have 4,000 attend the meetings at the Balagun State Stadium (below) who have completed a full series of Bible studies. (Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

2. Ifako:  Supported by the Bariga and Oworonsoki churches with 400 members with estimated campaign attendance of 400.  

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

3. Ikorodu:  Supported by the  Agbowa, Ajegunle, Idi-lrok Ebute, Ikorodu, and Ogijo churches with 1155 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 1,100.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

4. Magodo Estate: Supported by the  Oregun, Kentu and Shangisha churches with 500 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 680.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)


5. Iyani Ipaja:  Supported by the Abesan, Aboru, Alimosho, Ayobo, Idi-Mangoro and Shasha churches with 600 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 600.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

6. Olodi Apapa:  Supported by the Olodi and Apapa churches with 380 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 380.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

7. Festac:  Supported by the  Festac and  Kirikiri churches with 510 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 510.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

8. Ogba: Supported by the Akiode, Iju, Ogba,  Oko oba, Abesan, Aboru, Alimosho, Ayobo, Idi-Mangoro and Shasha churches with 980 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 950.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)


9. Ikotun Egbe: Supported by the Idimu, Ijegun, Ikotun, Ejigbo, Isheri - Osun, Isholo, and Okota churches with 650 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 610.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

10. Shogunle: Supported by the Ajao, Mafoluku, and Shogunle churches with 575 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 680.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)


11. Victoria Island: Supported by the Ajah, Lagos Island, and Victory Sanctuary Churches with 500 members and an estimated campaign attendance of 500.

(Driving time from hotel "go slow" and low traffic.)

Awaiting picture

In addition to these sites, local evangelists will conduct meetings in three other centers, supported by ten other congregations.  These will benefit from the publicity campaign and their candidates brought to the stadium for the mass baptism.


Unassigned Guest Evangelists

and Support-Team Members

Speaker Site Mailing address E-mail & telephone Flight Arrival
0-1 Robert  Stanley Folkenberg (61)   P O Box 230, Huddleston, VA 24104 Send e-mail...  r: 540-296-1602 10/6 KLM/587 6:05 pm
0-2 Luis E Leonor (63) [alone]   4656 Lisa Lane
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
74617.2107 AT compuserve.com   r: (616) 473-1105

10/3 Ethiopian #941 4:45 p

1-1  Bill Tucker (56) [1-2] Blagun Stadium P O Box 3000, Redlands, CA 92373 w: (909) 793-2588 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
1-2 Jackie Tucker (54) [1-1] Blagun Stadium P O Box 3000, Redlands, CA 92373 jackiet AT thequiethour.com  w: 909-793-2588 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
1-4 Elisa Thomas (49) Blagun Stadium 440 Grant St., Redlands, CA 92373 denniswrowe AT sprintmail.com r: 909-335-1050; w/c 909-855-4269 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
1-5 Dick Neuharth (62) [1-6] Blagun Stadium 29305 Old Owen Rd., Monroe, WA 98272 nlucy AT juno.com  r: 360-793-1733;  w/c 360-794-7103 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
1-6 Lucille Neuharth (60) [1-5] Blagun Stadium 29305 Old Owen Rd., Monroe, WA 98272 nlucy AT juno.com  r: 360-793-1733;  w/c 360-794-7103 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
1-7 Dr. Lloyd A Dayes (72) Blagun Stadium 738 Michael Court, Redlands, CA 92373 jimn AT thequiethour.org r: 909-793-1992; w/c: 909-799-5253 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
1-8 Martin Klein (31) Blagun Stadium 21231 Calhoun Rd., Monroe, WA 98272 savannahpictures AT mindspring.com r: 360-794-5120;  w/c: 360-794-5120 10/10 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
2-1 Pas. Rob Mackay (48)  [2-2] Ogba 166 Main St., P.O. Box 214,  Morris,  NY  13808 rbm54 AT juno.com  r: 607 263 5441 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
2-2 Mrs Kay Mackay (45) [2-1] Ogba 166 Main St., P.O. Box 214,  Morris,  NY  13808 rbm54 AT juno.com  r: 607 263 5441 10/8 NW/KLM 588 6:05 pm
2-3 Audrey Chapin Fisher M.D. (34) [2-4] Ogba 410 S. Elmer Avenue
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840
doctoraud AT yahoo.com  r: 570 888 0559 10/8 NW/KLM 588 6:05 pm
2-4 Sarah Corinne Wise (10) [2-3] Ogba 410 S. Elmer Avenue
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840
doctoraud AT yahoo.com  r: 570 888 0559  
3-1 Pas. Wellesley Muir (76)  [3-2] Ikorodu 49650 Stillmeadow Lane, Oakhurst, CA 93644 muir AT sierratel.com 9/17 LH#564 16:35p
3-2 Mrs. Evelyn Muir (71) [3-1] Ikorodu 49650 Stillmeadow Lane, Oakhurst, CA 93644 muir AT sti.net  r: (559) 683-627 9/17 LH#564 16:35p
4-1 Mr. Zomuhlaba Musiyiwa (37)  [4-2] Olodi Apapa 72 Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London,  England  E4 -7PR zom AT y2001.com r:  +44 208 5239645;  fax: +44 208 363 0435 10/6 Swiss #0264, 5:50 pm
4-2 Clayton Maurede (23) [4-1] Olodi Apapa 12 Bideford Rd, Chadcombe, Harare, Zimbabwe jussclau AT yahoo.com   
5-1 Isaac Olatunji (30) Ifako 1941 Union St. #3A, Benton Harbor, MI 49022 Isaacopastor AT cs.com  r: 616-934-8252 10/8 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
6-1 Rowland Nwosu (45) Festac 757 E. Redmaple Road,  Salt Lake City, UT 84106 RCNwosu AT aol.com  r: 801-685-8599; w/c 801-364-1603 10/7 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
6-2 Lois Marie Sessions (46) Festac 7257 S. 1950 E., Salt Lake City, UT 84121 prisonlife AT the-police.com  r: (801) 942-8030;  w/c: (801) 576-8200 10/7 NW/KLM8588 6:05 pm
6-3 Dante Ivan Sessions (14) Festac 7257 S. 1950 E., Salt Lake City, UT 84121 prisonlife AT the-police.com  r: (801) 942-8030  
7-1 Pr. Dennis Nickel (56) Magodo Estate

Cancelled - vacant

8-1 Pr. Daniel Prevo (44) [8-2] Shogunle 1507 24th Ave. NW, Faribault, MN 55021 rossandcon AT hotmail.com  r: 507-334-6777;  w/c: 507-838-7293 10/8 KLM 587 6:05pm
8-2 Connie L Prevo (48) [8-1] Shogunle 1507 24th Ave. NW, Faribault, MN 55021 rossandcon AT hotmail.com  r: 507-334-6777;  w/c: 507-838-7293 10/8 KLM 587 6:05pm
The parenthesis after the name of each person is their age. The number in brackets after the age refers to the person with whom he/she will share a room.


Miscellaneous Issues

Travel dates: Each participant should plan to leave the US for Nigeria on Monday, October 7arriving in whatever transition city your airline uses in Europe on Tuesday morning, October 8. You will continue your flight from that European City to Lagos, Nigeria, arriving later that afternoon or evening.  This will provide you three days to adjust to the time change.  We will spend Wednesday, October 9, in orientation and have Thursday and Friday to visit the respective crusade sites, and prepare for the opening night message on Friday evening, October 11.  We will conclude the series on Saturday night, October 26 and can begin our homeward flights on Sunday, October 27.
Airline tickets: Each participant is free to secure his/her own tickets wherever he/she pleases.  We do encourage each one to secure a competitive bid from Mrs. Julia Reid, at Mission Travel.  She has long experience with the General Conference with international travel arrangements and access to discounted tickets through contractual relationships with the airlines.  Her phone number is 240-568-6300.  Her fax number is 301-725-6492.  You can also reach her by e-mail at:  MissionTvl AT Juno.Com
Service Requests: In harmony with denominational policy, using the information provided in this document, prior to the beginning of the crusade, the Nigerian Union and African-Indian  Ocean Division will process a service request for each guest evangelist, and support team member and send it to the General Conference.
Insurance: The Quiet Hour will apply for and underwrite the cost of the limited, short-term-mission insurance coverage offered by Adventist Risk Management Services.  This covered will be provided only to those guest evangelists and their support team members whose information is complete on the campaign  website (age, mailing and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and flight arrival information).  Coverage will begin on Tuesday, October 8, and continue for 21 days, sufficient to cover travel to Nigeria, the duration of the campaign, and the return trip home.  To download a copy of the application blank (which you need to complete) and a description of the coverage (in Adobe Acrobat - pdf - format) just click here on: insurance.
Sermon topics:  Guest evangelists will be provided a set of  CDs, free of charge, containing a set of sermon notes and coordinated PowerPoint graphics, contextualized for use in Africa.  Should you decide to use this material, you should print out the notes.  You are encouraged to print the sermon notes a) on a color printer (you'll find the notes MUCH easier to use if you can see the pictures that are embedded in color), and b) using only ONE SIDE of each piece of paper. It is far less distracting to the audience for you NOT to have to turn pages but rather slip them from one pile to another on the pulpit.  The sermon notes are provided in Adobe Acrobat format (each file has a ".pdf" extension).  With Acrobat installed, using Windows Explorer, just double click on the sermon you want to open on the CD, and it will open and is ready to print.

NOTE:  I discovered a problem with the PowerPoint graphics for one of the sermons on the CD that I sent you.  For some reason when you select the graphics for sermon #19 (Why So Many Denominations?),  it repeats the graphics for Sermon #18 (Health)!  The sermon notes you have printed out are just fine.  As soon as I get home I will mail you another CD with this corrected.  Please be sure to discard the CD you have as soon as the new CD arrives.

Decision Cards:  A set of Decision cards has been prepared that match the calls that are referenced in the set of CDs that guest evangelists will be provided. They are in Adobe Acrobat also.  The Nigerian Union can also download these cards in order to print them prior to the arrival of the guest evangelists.  To download the Decision Cards, simply by click on the first two words of this section.
Appeal Songs: Regardless of whether or not it is used, the text for most sermons includes an appeal song.  Music with English words songs in Acrobat (.pdf) format may be downloaded here. Click on the language to download: English
Pictures: The Nigerian leaders want the pictures of each guest evangelists to use in crusade publicity.  Each speaker should select a suitable (black and white) picture and have it scanned and sent as an attached file to R S Folkenberg to the following e-mail address:  Send e-mail...  These pictures will be made available to Nigerian leaders by inserting them in this home page.  NOTE: Please send the picture in JPG format, at least 2 or 3 inches wide, and with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch.  Please send these pictures by August 1, 2002.
Travel documents: Each guest evangelist MUST have a valid passport with at least a half-dozen unused pages, and a visa for Nigeria.  Mrs. Diana Jo Beeler, of the General Conference Passport and Visa office will assist you by submitting the visa applications, securing your visa, and returning it to you. Securing a Nigerian visa when one is traveling with religious motives, can be very difficult, and will be time consuming.  If there is any delay in submitting the application to the General Conference beyond the date specified below, the probability of securing a visa plumets!

No later than August 1, 2002 guest evangelists and support team members must Mrs. Beeler the following:   1) A valid passport, 2) two completed visa application forms, 3) four pictures, 4) a letter of invitation naming each traveler (one letter for each family), and 5) a check made out to the General Conference of S.D.A. in the amount of US$60 per visa requested ($45 for the cost of the visa and $15 for the courier taking your passport to the Liberian Embassy), and 6) a photocopy of your airline tickets, or at least the travel itinerary provided by your travel agent.   These items should be sent by Federal Express to Mrs. Diana Jo Beeler, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD  20904.  NOTE: We have asked the Nigerian Union to send the letters of invitation to Diana Jo Beeler.  If your documents are there when these letters arrive she will be able to process your visa application at that time.  Please RUSH these documents to her.

Visa application blanks are available by clicking on the following hyperlink, downloading and printing the application blank in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and them completing it in harmony with the instructions below. http://www.nigeria-consulate-atl.org/document/visa-3.pdf  Note, that you must print the visa application out on both sides of the same page.

Letters of Invitation: When The Quiet Hour leaders provide the Nigerian Union a final list of those who plan to travel to Nigeria,  the Nigerian Union will begin the process of securing letters of invitation for those individuals. When those are in hand, they will fax those letters to Mrs. Diana Jo Beeler.  She will attach those letters of invitation to the applications and other items listed above and submit them to the Nigerian Consulate.  When the visas have been entered into the passport she them (the passport and visa) by Fed Ex the same person(s) who sent them to her.


Water: Visitors should still assume tap water is not potable.  Bottled drinking water is readily available at about 50 to 60 U.S. cents for a 1.5 liter (3 quart) bottle. Another option is that guests may want to purchase a hand-held water-purification system at your local camping store to use to purify the tap water.

Medication: Gastro-intestinal disorder (Montezuma's revenge) is the traveler's scourge when visiting a part of the world in which you must consume anything that is unfamiliar to your digestive track!  Problems are inevitable, even to the most cautious. So the word is, be careful, listen to your body, and then respond quickly.  I'm no doctor and will not give you medical advice, but I will tell you what I do (and these steps have worked during some of the most "trying" situations).

(1) On a personal note, I am careful what I eat and drink, but I don't worry about it.  (2) I listen to my body.  If know from experience it is easier to stop the problem before it becomes serious than waiting to address it after it's too late.  Meanwhile, I'm miserable and my work can be undermined.  So, as soon as I realize trouble is "on the way" I will take one or more of the following medications: a) Imodium (treats the symptoms, but provides welcome relief), and/or b) one of two antibiotics prescribed by my physician:  Either Cipro (one 250 mg. pill in the morning and the other in the evening), or Avelox (one 400 mg pill per day).  Either of these has an immediate and positive effect on me and helps eliminate the problem before it become serious.  If I didn't "catch it" in time, then I may take Imodium to provide short-term relief, as well as take the antibiotics.  Obviously, you must consult your physician before you leave on your trip and secure such medication as she/he recommends, since you are unlikely to find the same medication sold under the same name in another country.

Malarial prophylactics: Malaria is endemic to most of Africa.  I do urge you consult your physician and/or your area public-health department about taking medication to help prevent this disease.  For many years Larium was the medication recommended by the General Conference Health Department for their traveling staff. Recently a new mediation has been placed on the market which and is widely recommended to me by Public Health Departments.  It is called "Malarone."  Since I'm away from home I don't have the documents with me to confirm the spelling but I will correct this paragraph when I get home.  However, this should be sufficient for your to mention to your physician or health department and to get their recommendation.  What is important is that you take the medication prior to, during, and upon your return home, in harmony with the recommended dosage pattern (one day before leaving, every day while you're away from home, and daily for one week after returning).  Also, while you're here, be sure that when you go out you spray yourself with mosquito repellant.  Interestingly enough, during my current visit to Nigeria  (Sept. 2001) I didn't see a mosquito, and this is the rainy season. But, it's far better to expect and prepare for a swarm and be happy when they don't appear!

Inoculations: For counsel regarding which inoculations are recommended for Nigeria, please go to the following site:  www.tripprep.com   On general principles it is better to be protected.  I'm not aware that any of these are endemic to Nigeria, but caution suggests that travelers may want to secure some of the following vaccinations simply on general principles: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Meningitis, and Tetanus.

Medical care: While at least physician will be part of the team, we are also fortunate to have several SDA physicians in Nigeria as well Ile Ife Hospital (located about two hours by car from the Nigerian Union Office in Lagos).

Climate: Liberia is a tropical nation, just a few hundred kilometers north of the equator, and it is at sea-level.  So the climate is warm (upper 80s or lower 90s), yet the temperature is more comfortable than one might expect due to the cooling effect of the ocean and the breeze.
Currency: The Naira is Nigeria's official currency.   You can check on daily exchange rates between any currencies on the Internet at: http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi   This, however, is only a guideline.  Depending on where you exchange the money (banks are better than hotels) and the form in which you bring your money, the exchange rate will vary.
Life of Christ videos: I will be ordering and sending to each guest evangelist a 2-hour video on the Life of Christ.  It will be in English and in the PAL which is used in Liberia. Each evangelist will probably want to show about 8 minutes of this video each night.   It is a beautiful, well-done presentation and helps early arrival of the crowd.  Union leaders will borrow a videotape player for each campaign site and the signal will be projected through the video projector used by the guest evangelist at each site.  At the close of the meetings we can leave the videotapes for future crusades.
Projection and public address equipment:  The Nigerian Union will be responsible to secure a public address system for each campaign location.  However, it will be the responsibility of the guest evangelist to provide the graphics equipment he/she will need.  Should guest evangelists not have this equipment readily available the Carolina Conference has a limited number of sets available to rent. The set of projection equipment incluldes a video projector, Dell laptop computer, remote control system, all placed in a "roll-aboard" or "checkable" aluminum case).  The laptop computers will have the PowerPoint projection graphics installed when they are shipped. The rental fee is $350 in addition to the shipping costs.  If you are interested in renting one of these sets: a) send R S Folkenberg an e-mail message to this effect, and b) mail a check for $400 to the Carolina Conference, Attn: Raymond Earle, P O Box 560339, Charlotte, NC  28256.  This covers the rental cost and the outbound shipping expense.   Your only cost will be to cover the expense of shipping (about $50) the equipment by UPS back to Charlotte, NC immediately upon your return from Liberia. The address to which it should be shipped is: Carolina Conference of S.D.A., Attn: Raymond Earle, 2701 East W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28213.

 Your request to rent one of these sets should be sent to Global Evangelism.

Language: While English is the most widely used language of Nigeria. In many places sermons will be translated into the Yoruba.
Driving time from Hotel to crusade sites: We expect very soon to receive the information regarding the driving time from the hotel to each campaign site.   Be aware that traffic is a very, very serious problem in this city of 10-12 million people!  These traffic jams are called "go slows" and are "respected" as a major problem.  So we will provide not only distance but two estimated driving-time numbers,  one at a probable low-traffic time and another at a high-density traffic time. 
Meals: Initial plans for meals are as follows:  We should expect to have breakfast at the hotel in which we're staying. and the group will then be taken from the hotel to the Union office complex where well qualified dietitians and cooks will prepare a good lunch for the team.  And since departure times from the hotel for the evening meeting will vary widely, the cooks will also provide each person a "box supper" for their evening meal.  These cooks know that for cleanliness is particularly important and have been told to assume that this is a group of vegetarians.
Electricity: Electricity in Nigeria is 220 volts so be sure your personal appliances are dual voltage.  The electrical outlets are designed to use a large, three-pronged plug used in the United Kingdom.  I'd recommend you bring a short extension cord to plug into the electrical outlet and then you can plug various electrical items into that cord.  However, don't bring an extension cord with a surge suppressor since those available in the US are for 110 volts and will burn out immediately when you use them in an 220 volt outlet.

While the electrical supply in Nigeria is increasingly constant, it does go out periodically. Consequently most hotels and businesses have standby generators.  Plans are under way to rent a suitable generator for each meeting location to care for that eventuality.

Telephone: Calling to or receiving telephone calls from the US is fairly straightforward.  However most hotels add a significant surcharge to the international direct-dial telephone rates making calls quite expensive. I'd urge travelers to check with AT&T, MCI, Sprint to see if they have local Nigerian access numbers.  If so, this will provide team members a less expensive option.  If/when we discover a lower-cost option we will provide the information here.
E-Mail: E-mail is also usable.  There is a Compuserve local access number available to those with a laptop and a Compuserve Account.  Those who want to send a message to someone participating in the evangelistic activities may do so by placing the name of the individual in the Subject line and then sending the message to the following e-mail address: NUMSDA AT infoweb.abs.net 
Time change: The time in Nigeria is 5 hours earlier than Eastern Daylight time and 6 hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time.
Things to bring: Insect repellent, (other items may be added)
Preaching attire: Speakers can plan to wear a short-sleeved white shirt and tie (no coat) during the evening meeting.

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