(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Airline Tickets:

Each participant is free to secure his/her own tickets wherever he/she pleases.  However, I do encourage each one to secure a competitive bid from Mrs. Julia Reid, at Mission Travel.  She has long experience at the General Conference with international travel arrangements and has access to discounted tickets through contractual relationships with some airlines when at least ten travel to the same destination, which happens during most campaigns.

You may contact Mrs. Reid's by phone at:  (240) 568-6300;  by fax at 301-725-6492; and by e-mail:  missiontvl AT juno.com

Remember, the price for airline tickets increases the closer they are purchased to the departure date.  So, buy them early. Also, the price increases as the traveler protects his/her flexibility.  Non-refundable tickets can be significantly lower in price than those which can be modified or refunded.

Please send R Folkenberg an e-mail message with the flight arrival information of each participant: date, airline, flight, landing time (not the entire flight schedule). This arrival information will be placed on the campaign website so the host field can meet the flight and arrange ground transportation to the hotel. Without this they will not know what flights to meet.  My e-mail address is:  Send e-mail...