(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Campaign length and schedule:

The opening night of a campaign is normally a Friday night and meetings continue every night, concluding on Saturday night, two weeks later, which is sixteen evening meetings.  These sixteen, added to the three Sabbath morning church services, make a total of nineteen meetings.

Orientation Day is scheduled on Wednesday before opening night, which provides Thursday and Friday for the team members to travel to their respective campaign sites, settle into their hotel, meet the pastor and, in most cases, their translator, and begin on Friday night. So travelers need to plan their departures from home in time to arrive in the Orientation City no later than the Tuesday night before the opening night of the meetings.

The closing Sabbath is normally very busy. The morning meshes Sabbath School and the worship service with a baptism which frequently includes transporting candidates to and from a mass-baptism with multiple campaigns participating. The closing service, Saturday night, is a wonderful spiritual experience and a time for farewells.  Sunday morning guests begin their homeward journey (or take a few days to enjoy the sights of the country).

The total time needed to participate in a Global-Evangelism campaign, depending on the travel time involved, is one to three days less than three weeks.