(Page last updated 01/13/2003)

Securing evangelistic DVDs and/or CD-ROMs.

DVD The North American Division ASI organization has contracted with Advent Digital Media to produce evangelistic sermons and graphics in the DVD format in many of the worlds most-used languages.  These can be purchased on the ASI website which is:  www.dvdevangelism.com

CD-ROM  All the speakers who hold a campaign sponsored by the Global-Evangelism program will be provided, at no cost to the guest-evangelist, a CD-ROM set with the sermon notes and matching graphics suitable for using in the part of the world where his/her campaign is scheduled.

If you are not scheduled to preach an international Global Evangelism campaign but wish to order a set of CDs you should send a check made out to "It Is Written" in the amount of $110, to  Global-Evangelism, P O Box 230, Huddleston, VA 24104, and indicate which of the sets described on the "Sermon Notes" page of this website you wish to purchase. If you have any questions you may call (540) 296-1602 or send an e-mail to:   R Folkenberg   

ILLUSTRATED HEALTH TALKS: Wildwood Sanitarium and Hospital has prepared two series of illustrated health talks. One set is for use in developed countries and the other is designed for use in developing countries. I have received word that this is available on the ASI website (www.dvdevangelism.com) in DVD format.  I understand it is available in CD-ROM format through OCI. You can try calling Mr. Cleveland at (423) 236-5600.