(Page last updated 05/06/2003)

Decision Cards & Campaign materials?

The local church organization(s) involved with each campaign are responsible to print, and distribute in advance of the meetings, all the material which will be used during the meetings. These include the Decision Cards, promotional gifts that may be given out during the meetings, and possibly Bibles.  The Decision Cards that are available over this website are those which coordinate with and are part of the sermon scripts developed by the Carolina Conference.  These Decision Cards (in Adobe Acrobat format) will be downloaded from this site by the host church organizations, printed and distributed to each campaign site where a guest evangelist will be speaking.  Speakers may also download one to see what they look like. The cards may be downloaded by clicking on the languages listed below.

Bulgarian  English  French Romanian Spanish  Thai

NOTE to Host Church Organizations on translating the cards:

1) Master Files of Decision Cards in Word Perfect format:  Please click on the previous underlined phrase to download the Decision Cards in the English language.

2) Due to file sizes, we need to convert the Decision Cards you have translated into Adobe Acrobat format.  If you can do this conversion, please do so and send them to me as an attached file.  If you do not have the program to make this conversion then you can send the files to me in Word Perfect (or Microsoft Word) format, but then you must also send me the Font you used when you created the file since I do not have ALL international fonts available.

3) Be sure to leave the small, unlabeled, number in the bottom right-hand corner of each card. This is the number of the sermon with which the card corresponds and will help identify the appropriate card to use.