(Page last updated 09/16/2002)


Global Evangelism purchases from Adventist Risk Management Services the Short-Term Mission Insurance coverage recommended by the General Conference.  This protection is purchased for all those whose information is listed on the campaign website. Protection is NOT purchased for anybody if their name and other personal information is NOT listed on the campaign website, even if they travel to and assist with the campaign. To be listed each individual must complete and submit the appropriate application form provided on the Global-Evangelism website, AND Global Evangelism must decide to add their name to the list of participants placed on the website.  The period of coverage is for 21 days, beginning on the day the group is scheduled to arrive in the country where the campaign is to be held. For a description of the protections provided under this policy (in Adobe Acrobat) click on "Insurance Coverage" and the benefits are those listed under "Plan A" (which covers individuals only while they are away from their home country).