(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Internet Access:

In most countries of the world accessing the Internet is becoming much easier.  "Internet Cafes" are springing up in some of the most remote areas where one would never expect to see them.  So, the easiest way to maintain contact with family and friends while you are away from home is to have an account in an Internet service that can be accessed from any connection.  Some services (such as CompuServe) require the use of proprietary software.  In this situation my counsel is that travelers set up an account on one of the easily accessible available (sometimes free) communication services such as Yahoo,  Hotmail,  MSN etc. prior to leaving on your trip and share that temporary address with others.

If you must communicate using your own computer you will need to have a system installed that has local access numbers in many countries which you can access through your dial-up modem.  I presume there are others on the market, but the one I use is called "I-Pass" and you can contact them about setting up a temporary account at:  (804) 270-6063.