(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Life of Christ videos:

About a month before departure we will mail each guest evangelist a two-hour video on the Life of Christ based on the gospel of Luke.  It will be in the format (PAL, NTSC, etc) and language that is most widely understood in the country where the campaign takes place. These videos are available in about 350 languages.  It is important that upon receiving the video you put it in a place where you are gathering things to take on the trip so you won't forget it.  We will not have extra videotapes available on arrival. 

Each campaign site is responsible to provide a videotape player for use during the campaign. The videotape can be shown to the audience through the video projector each speaker brings and the sound can be passed through the locally-provided public address system, so all can hear the sound-track.

At the close of the campaign the videotape should be left with the local pastor or congregation.  How to use the videotape during the program each day is a topic we will cover during the orientation day.

NOTE.  It is likely you will be unable to view this tape before you leave on the trip since most parts of the world do not use the video tape format used in the United States.