(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Local transportation:

The host church organization(s) managing the campaign will arrange or provide for the following transportation at no expense to the guest evangelists and team members:

1. From the hotel in which you will be staying during the campaign to the site of your evangelistic series and back to the hotel, every day.

2. If you fly to the city where your campaign is to be held, they will meet your flight and take you to the hotel, and will return you to the airport at the close of the campaign.

3. If the Orientation Day is being held in the same country as your campaign, your flight will be met and you will be taken to the hotel where the orientation will be provided, and then you will be taken to the airport (or train or bus station) to continue your journey to your campaign site.  You are responsible for the expense of traveling from the orientation city to your campaign city.

Any variance from this will be described on the page with all the details relating to your campaign.