(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Orientation - Why, Where, When:

Why:  Given the large percentage of guest speakers for whom this is their first evangelistic campaign and first time in the host country, careful orientation is a vital necessity.  Topics that are covered during the full-day (8-hour) session include some that are important to that particular country such as health tips, emergency contacts, safety practices, exchanging money, pre-campaign activities, nightly program expectations, to name a few.  In addition to these are general evangelistic issues such as: how to prepare to preach the sermon, preaching indoors versus outdoors, operating and caring for the video projector, computer or DVD player, how to make calls, how to work with a translator, how to use the Life of Christ videotapes, visitation, baptismal classes, planning for the closing Sabbath activities, and many more.  Participation in this training program is indispensable to the first-time evangelist and valuable even for the experienced speaker.

When:  Normally the orientation day is scheduled to take place on Wednesday prior to the opening night of the meetings.

Where: This is the element that does vary.  Campaigns are planned around specific orientation dates and places so that participants can travel to their campaign site on Thursday and begin on Friday night.  In some cases the campaign site may be in the orientation city.  In other cases it may mean flying to another city or even another country.  The date and place of orientation is provided on Internet page which provides the details for each regional campaign.