(Page last updated 11/30/2002)

Financial sponsorship by The Quiet Hour:

The Quiet Hour's support for international evangelism includes sponsoring both pastors and laymen who want to preach for a campaign under the Carolina Conference Global-Evangelism program.  Sponsorship approval is entirely a Quiet Hour decision and is dependent on the availability of funding. Sponsorship terms were modified by The Quiet Hour Evangelism Committee on September 26, 2002 and take effect with campaigns conducted in 2003.  The new financial terms of a sponsorship means the the speaker can apply for and may receive US$750. These funds are to assist the speaker with his/her travel  expenses (airline ticket, hotel, meals, passport, visas, etc.).  Any expenses exceeding this amount are the responsibility of the guest-evangelist.

Let me explain it another way.  The guest evangelist is responsible for all of his/her personal expenses.  If he/she raises another $250 then The Quiet Hour will provide $750 so the speaker can take $1,000 to be used for campaign (not personal) expenses.

The Quiet Hour expects:

  1. The speaker (and his/her team members) to raise at least US$1,000, funds which are to be used at the discretion of the guest evangelist, after consultation with local church leaders, to enhance his/her campaign.

  2. The speaker is to complete and fax Charlene West (909-793-4754) a commitment form (when can be downloaded in Acrobat format by clicking on the highlighted phrase).

  3. After the campaign the speaker commits to sending a copy of the receipt indicating that the $1,000 was deposited to a church organization from which the payments requested by the guest evangelist are to be made.

  4. To include a reference to both The Quiet Hour AND Carolina Conference sponsorship in all post-campaign reports.