(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

How safe will I be?

Ensuring safety and a risk-free environment is impossible under any circumstances.  Risk is a daily reality of every life.  When we talk about safety what we are really addressing is how to avoid knowingly going into high-risk situations. In this context accurate information is critical. It is easy for those who live in the highly-developed part of the world to receive through the media a distorted perspective of reality. So accurate information from knowledgeable sources both within the United States as from the region in question is vital. 

Global-Evangelism will do everything possible to ensure that participants are not knowingly taken into life-threatening situations.  Due to that commitment we have already postponed campaigns in one country and shifted the speakers to another area. However, there are some risks over which Global-Evangelism has no control.  Those are the decisions travelers make to undertake activities and go places that may be unwise. It is for this reason we urge team members to consult with local pastors and members prior to making any side-trips.