(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Sermon Graphics:  All the guest evangelists will probably use in their campaigns either the DVD produced by the North American Division ASI or the CD-ROM produced by the Carolina Conference.  We will comment on each of these below.

DVD: Using the latest in DVD technology designed for movies the speaker will be blessed by first-class graphics which frequently include animated portions. Using the DVD in the public-evangelism environment requires only a video projector, a relatively low-priced DVD player and remote control unit. Using the equipment is very simple.

CD-ROM:  Those who use the Carolina Conference CD-ROM will need a video projector, a laptop computer and remote control unit.  Using the laptop in evangelism is also very easy, but it takes some training to take advantage of the program flexibility inherent in CD-ROM technology.  All the sermon graphics on the CDs are designed to be projected using Microsoft PowerPoint program and the files can be identified by the " .ppt " extension on the file name.

Lorraine Hansen, who is gifted in computer education and preached one of the campaigns in Kenya, has prepared several documents to help in this learning process.  At the end of this paragraph are links to two documents in Adobe Acrobat format she prepared that can be downloaded.  If you have Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer just click on either of these two documents and download the manual to your computer where you can print it out.