(Page last updated 10/11/2003)

What is the order of sermons?

It is important for first-time evangelists to use the order of sermon topics that are provided.  They are carefully planned to cover most of our fundamental beliefs.  The others will either have been covered in the pre-campaign personal work, in the baptismal classes that will be conducted during the campaign, or in the post-campaign follow-up program.  You will notice that the page to which you will be taken provides you, the date of the week on which the sermon should be preached, the sermon number, indicate whether or not a decision card is provided, and suggest a possible appeal song that may be used.  When you have this page on the screen, please hit the "Control" and "P" buttons together to print out the page to take it with you. 

Please click on "Sermon Topic List" to see this page.

If you are holding a campaign in Nigeria (Nov. '03) and have received and will be using the new Version "B" sermons (will not be sent out until the end of October of 2003), please click on "Version B Topic List."  The sermon titles (but not the numbering) have changed in Version B.