(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

What should my travel dates be?

Though the specific dates will be provided on the website for each of the specific campaign dates, the following principles generally apply.

  1. Speaker and their team members should plan to arrive in the "Orientation City" on Tuesday night.  They should begin their travel from home to meet this schedule.  Identifying the Orientation city, and the specific departure schedule will be on each campaign site web page.

  2. All day Wednesday will be spent in the orientation program

  3. Thursday and Friday after orientation is when the teams travel from the "Orientation City" to their "Hotel City," get settled in their hotel, meet with the pastor and the local team members, meet their translator, and visit the campaign site to be sure physical arrangements are in place.

  4. The opening night for each campaign is a Friday night.

  5. The meetings continue every night for the next two weeks, and conclude 16 nights later, on a Saturday night.

  6. Guest team members can begin their homeward travel on Sunday, the next morning.