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Mauritius Campaign

August 30 to September 14, 2002

Conducted by a group from

Bogenhofen Adventist Seminary



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A group of intrepid, young guest-evangelists took the initiative to apply to conduct five evangelistic campaigns in Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, located northeast of South Africa, several hundred miles beyond Madagascar.  I describe them as intrepid because, in addition to the natural apprehension that comes with preach their first campaign, they were all preaching in English, which was their second (or third) language!  Needless to say, that takes courage and I'm so proud of them.  Elder Jim Zachary and I were very impressed by their commitment and maturity during the time we spent with them at the time of the pre-campaign orientation.

Conference President, Elder Samuel Ravonjarivelo, reported to me during the first week of the campaign that their total attendance is over 1,000 of which the non-Adventists make up just over 250.  The members are overjoyed at the attendance. As I receive additional pictures from the campaign they will be posted here.

The group pictured below who are leading out in the campaign include: (1st row, left to right) Dana Kusel, Eric Hensel, Jacques Gerard, Claudio Popescu, Gerhard Erbes, (2nd row, left to right) Kathi Breuer, [undisclosed], Rute Silva, Daniel Wildemann, Christian Schindler, Marc Englemann, and Daniel Lenart.

 An evangelist (left, below) puts his heart into his message at the Eau Coulee church (below, right)...

...while Claudio Popescu (below) enjoys some new friends.

Christian Schindler (left, below) speaks to the congregation gathered a Vacoas while Daniel Wildemann (right, below) speaks to those the congregation in Mahebourg.

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