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Kumasi, Ghana Campaign

August 30 to September 14, 2002

Conducted by a group from

Pacific Union College and Walla Walla College

(Last updated September 06, 2002 01:44 PM)

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A group of twenty students and faculty from Pacific Union College and Walla Walla College accepted the invitation of Global-Evangelism to each preach an evangelistic campaign. With financial assistance from The Quiet Hour, these apprehensive first-time student evangelists, traveled to Accra and spent the night at Valley View College in Ghana. The next day Elder James Zachary (The Quiet Hour), Elder Duane McKey (from the North Pacific Union) and I spent a full day with them providing basic orientation for their campaigns.  Initial reports (as of Sept. 6) from Union President, P O Mensah, indicates over 8,000 are attending the meetings of which more than 2,400 are non-Seventh-day Adventists.  We will post periodic campaign reports on this site.

The group from Pacific Union led by Dr. Warren Ashworth (1st  row, 2nd from left) is pictured below along with three Ghana Union leaders.  Their names are as follows: (1st row, left to right) Joseph Charles, Dr. Warren Ashworth, Dimitri Lossev, and Salvador Garcia; (2nd row, left to right) Grace Chu, Cindy Rice, Hee Young Park, May De Luna, Leticia Dumpson, Philana Crouch, and P O Mensah (Ghana Union President), (3rd row, left to right)Thomas Anane and Ambrose Waahu (Ghana Union).

Drs. David Parks (back row, 3rd from left, light shirt) and Zdravko Stevanovich (back row, 4th from left, blue shirt) led the group from Walla Walla College.  They are picture below with the Ghana Union leaders, and their names are as follows: (1st row, left to right) P O Mensah (Ghana Union President), Lucas Porter, Melissa McGinnis; (middle row, left to right) Leonard Cummings (blue shirt), James Akers, Jodi Foster, and Alin Apostal; (back row, left to right) Thomas Anane, Ambrose Waahu (both from Ghana Union), Howard Vandermark, Zdravko Stefanovich (WWC Professor), Tyrone Bryan, and David Parks (WWC Professor).

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