Dominican Republic, Feb. 2003

Boca Chica area,

Santo Domingo

A team of 24 people from the Pennsylvania Conference presented evangelistic campaigns primarily on the Boca Chica side of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in February, 2003. Many of them had never conducted such meetings before, but almost all said they would do it again if and when the Lord called them to do so.
Team members gathered each morning at their hotel for devotional study and to make plans. From left, front; Carol Lince, Chelsea Heydt, William Otis, Melissa Otis, Ida Otis; (second row) Thomas Cusak, Larry Lince, Angela Raimondu, Ronald Leaman, Rebecca Choban, David Otis; (third row) Philip Howson, Thomas Martin, Lance Robins,  Johnny George, Marquita Klinedinst, Eric  Otis; (fourth row) Joshua Cusak, Bethany Otis and Bryan Otis.
Jean Cusak, left, and Marquita Klinedinst, presented evangelistic meetings in the Salome Urena church, Both have spouses who are pastors. Because of their interest in evangelism, the Penn. Conference invited them to coordinate Global Evangelism groups from that conference both in the Dominican Republic as well as later in the year in The Philippines.
Angela Raimondu, Harrisburg, Pa, left, and Rebecca Choban, Erie, Pa., right, and their translator, presented meetings in a large tent in the Villa Duarte, Central church area of Santo Domingo. Although the daughter of a minister, it was Rebecca's first opportunity to preach evangelistic sermons. "Every response to a call for commitment to Jesus is exciting," said Angela. More than 30 people responded to the invitation to commit their lives to Jesus.
Thomas Cusak, center,  preaches in a tent located in one quadrant of a highway intersection cloverleaf,  A veteran Global Evangelist, he has already presented 13 series outside the US. The Erie, Penn., church pastor, Cusak received assistance from his translator, left, and Ronald Leaman, right, Lancaster, Penn., who presented health lectures each day, as well as his son, Joshua. The Quiet Hour ministry provided assistance for Cusak's meeting expenses in Santo Domingo.

These three young men conducted tent meetings in the suburb of Los Tres Brazos. When Thomas Martin, left, learned about Global Evangelism in a letter last fall, he told his freind, Johnny George, center, about it. George had dreamed about just such an opportunity. They shared their decision to do evangelism with Lance Robins, who also agreed to work as a team with them. With financial aid from their local church, friends and relatives they experienced the thrill of seeing scores of people respond to the call for commitment to Jesus.
After Darrell Fink received a brochure from the Penn. Conference, inviting him to serve as a Global Evangelism speaker, he took several months to decide to go to the Dominican Republic. Assigned to the La Misericordia congregation, he presented his series and saw many visitors respond to the call for baptism.  A heavy equipment operator and an Adventist only six years, Fink hopes to bring his family to help at his next series.  He received help from The Quiet Hour for evangelism expenses.
Missionary work with Global Evangelism is a very effective antidote for anyone who feels entrapped in a Laodocean state, said Phillip Howson, left, who presented meetings at the Nuevo Ranacer church in Santo Domingo. He took vacation time for the meetings from his management position for a food processing plant. A woman in his audience shared with him a message which helped him relate more closely to his audience: Love is the language that the whole world can speak, the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
For Larry and Carol Lince, members of the Erie, Penn., church, this is the second series of evagelistic meetings they've conducted. Larry presented the sermons while Carol presented health lectures. They described their meeting site as a humble church in Boca Chica with friendly people. By the first weekend almost everyone had responded to the invitation for commitment to Jesus. Larry assisted the pastor with baptisms and described it as a neat experience.
David and Ida Otis of Reading, Penn., came to the Dominican Republic with their four children a nephew and a friend at the invitation of the Pennsylvania Conference president to conduct meetings for Global Evangelism.  While Dr. Otis held meetingsat the Los Trinitarios church, Ida linked her efforts with her nephew, Eric Otis, right, and her friend, Chelsea Heydt, below to present meetings at the Los Frailes (2) church.

Each family member assisted in the meetings with such duties as greeting and operating a computer projector. As at each other meeting site, the speakers were assisted by  a team of local church members throughout the series. Their efforts were meeting with a significant outpouring of response as scores of people committed their lives to Christ and baptism.