Higuey, Dominican Republic

Global Evangelism, Feb 2003

Pastor Robert Stephan, left, of Mount Vernon, Wash., David DeRose, below, of Mannsville, Okla. and Terry Pflugrad, below,left, of Delta Junction, Alaska, formed the Global Evangelism team for Higuey, Dominican Republic in February.  Stephan's meetings were held at the Higuey Central church while Pflugrad's meetings were with the La Redencion congregation and Dr. DeRose presented his meetings for the Bet-el congregation in La Otra Banda.

When Dr. DeRose found that plans for contract work in January fell through, he decided to throw his energy into doing evangelistic meetings in the Dominican Republic for Global Evangelism. "I had preached before, but never had done evangelistic meetings," he said. "The members of the church were very industrious and welded a frame for a large tent so we could have open air meetings. Funds from The Quiet Hour helped pay for the tent canopy" Although the church had 80 enthusiastic members, some 250 people attended each evening. "It became the hot spot in the community.  I'll do another evangelistic series if the Lord tells me to. It's a tremendous experience," DeRoses said.
Pastor Terry Pflugrad's wife had signed up to present evangelistic meetings in the Dominican Republic in February and Terry planned to go in March. But March sites filled before he could get registered, so he took her place and came to Higuey. Although he had to deal with customs agents to get his projection equipment into the country, he was able to get started on time and completed his meetings with 36 baptisms and more people preparing for baptism. "I've been invited back to do it again." he said.