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January 10 to 25, 2003

(This page was last updated on 01/30/2003)

Mexico's Inter-Oceanic Union

Union Coordinator: Pas. J. Arcadio González  E-mail: jagonzalez AT  Address: Uxmal 431, Col. Narvarte, 03020 Mexico, D.F., Mexico  Telephone:  001-52-555-687-1244 or 001-52-555-687-1490

Travel Instructions to Mexico City

Orientation: Each person should secure their airline tickets to and home from Mexico City.  Orientation will take place in Mexico City.  Local church pastors will arrange to take the guest evangelists from Mexico City to their respective campaign sites and bring them back to Mexico City after the campaign.

Travel Dates: Participants should plan to arrive in Mexico City on Tuesday evening, January 7.  Orientation will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 8 and we will do our best to conclude by 4:00 p.m.  I expect all participants will leave for their respective hotel cities immediately after the orientation concludes.  The campaigns will conclude on Saturday night, January 25.  Local leaders will arrange transport the guest evangelists and their teams back to Mexico City on Sunday, January 26.  I'd suggest that it would be a good idea to schedule departure time for homeward flights mid-afternoon on January 26.

Orientation Hotel in Mexico City

Hotel: Hotel Escandón;   Address:  Ave José Martí No. 178;  Tel: 55-15-12-99  Website:  Price single: Mx$350   Price double:  Mx$600  


Sponsorship: The individuals listed in cells highlighted with a white background are being sponsored by The Quiet Hour.
Translation/Traducción: The speakers for the churches highlighted in yellow below will need translation. Los oradores para las iglesias indicados con fondos amarillos necesitarán traducción.


Hotel City: Veracruz

Hotel name: Bello  Address:   Tel:   E-Mail:   Price single: Mex$500   Price double: Mex$600  Meals:

Transportation from Orientation City to Veracruz: 
Evangelistic Speakers
Site Name / City Speaker Address E-mail & phones CG* Flight
1-1 Veracruz / Veracruz Ben Kochenower  (50) (CD) 1225 W. Floyd Baker Blvd., Gaffney, SC 29342 BkochenowerS AT  (864) 489-7981-r   1/7/2003 AA#433 12:30pm
2-1 Xalapa  Dr. Warren Lovett (68) (CD) 333 Lake Forest Dr., Spartanburg, SC 29307 wl179 AT r:(864)-579-2814;   0ff:864-560-1557; Cell:(864) 621-5744   1/7/2003 AA#433 12:30pm
3-1 Córdoba y Orizaba   Mr. Jamie Trott (25) (CD) P.O.Box 327, 16 Highfield Drive, South Lancaster, MA  01561 jamietrott78 AT
Home Tel: (978)-365-9376
  1/7/2003 AA#433 12:30pm
The "CG" in the next-to-the-last column above stands for "Carolina Graphics."  An "X" in that column indicates that the guest evangelist wants to rent a set (laptop computer, remote control system, and video projector).
Campaign Site Information

Site Name / Mtg place

Speaker Congregations / Members Supporting Current Interests / Baptismal goal Km. from Hotel
1-1 Veracruz / Veracruz  Ben Kochenower 29 / 1344  441 / 175 0
2-1 Xalapa  Dr. Warren Lovett 4 / 420 125 / 50 65
3-1 Córdoba y Orizaba  Robert Collins 13 / 570 370 / 95 50
The number after the site name indicates the type of venue: 1=church building,  2=public hall, 3=stadium, and 4=outdoor site.

Support-Team Members

Speaker Mailing address E-mail & telephone CCG Flight Arrival
0-1 Pas. Elwyn Platner (68) (VISITARÁ TODAS LAS CAMPAÑAS CON FINES DE REPORTAJE.) 2403 Elizondo Ave., Simi Valley,  CA 93065-4776 74617.614 AT
r:  805-584-1685;  w/c: 805-404-4384
  1/7/03 MX#503 12:25pm
0-2 David Johns (ASISTIRÁ SOLAMENTE A LA ORIENTACIÓN. NECESITARÁ HOTEL POR DOS NOCHES.) 4841 Cook-Underwood Rd., Cook, WA 98605 (509) 538-2257   1/7/03 HP#173 2:21pm
1-2 Mrs. Susan Kochenower (53) 606 College Drive, Gaffney,  SC 29340 BkochenowerS AT  r: 864-487-0688; w/c:  864-4902231   1/7/2003 AA#433 12:30pm
2-2 Emily Lovett (56) 333 Lake Forest Dr.
Spartanburg, SC 29307
wl179 AT r:(864)-579-2814;    1/7/2003 AA#433 12:30pm

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