(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Appeal songs:

The use of appeal songs will vary widely from one speaker to another.  Decisions associated with some topics make using an appeal song very important.  Those using the Carolina Conference series of sermons will find that in one case (sermon #4) the closing story leads to the use of a particular song. So, for convenience we have provided a cluster of songs which may be arranged between sermons at the wish of the speaker. The music for these songs may be downloaded  (in Adobe Acrobat format) by selecting the language in which they are available at the end of this section.  In some cases the words, or lyrics,  for the appeal song is provided in the sermon text.  It is very important to use songs that are known to the audience to make an appeal.  So, if the songs provided are unknown, feel free to ask local pastors or musicians for their counsel.

The recommended order of sermons, which is provided in another section, matches each sermon with an appeal songs. This table also indicates which of the sermons have Decision Cards provided.

You may select here the language in which you wish to download the appeal song:

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