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Rwanda National Campaign

July 12 - 27, 2002

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Rwanda National Campaign

Guest Evangelist Information

Staying in Hotel in Kigali





CCG Flight Arr.
1. Nyamirambo Sta., Kigali R S Folkenberg (61) [alone] P O Box 230, Huddleston, VA 24104 Send e-mail... r: (540) 296-1602   7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
2. Kanombe, Kigali Pas Michael Troxell (30) [2-2,3] [would like double room] 7538 S. County Line Rd., Hobart, IN 46342 thegladtidings AT juno.com  r: (219) 945-1553   7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am
3. Rubirizi, Kigali Charlene West (46) [3-2,3,4] [prefers lg rm for 4 people, of not then 2 double rms.] P.O. Box 248, Loma Linda, CA 92354 charlenew AT thequiethour.org  Of-(800) 900-9021  r-909-824-2915   7/9/02 KQ472 1:15pm
4. Nyarutarama, Kigali Patricia A Kubik (68) [4-2] [double] 15409 W. 109th Ave., Dyer, IN 46311-3225 Stevek1978 AT yahoo.com  r:  (219) 365-3595;  w/c: (219) 746-467 X 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
5. Rusororo Thomas Murray (45) (alone) 156 Main Street, Lancaster, MA 01523 TSVK1000 AT aol.com  r:978 365-9853;  w/c:978 423-0851 X 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
6. Gitarama Mary Ann Roberts, Ph D (60) [6-2] [double] 105 Forestview Dr., Elon, NC 27244 nanos_mar AT yahoo.com or  mroberts AT macconnect.com  336-449-4563   7/8/02 KQ472 7:50am

Sites outside Kigali

Hotel in Kibuye

7.  Kibuye Pas. Leonel Pottinger (57) [single room] 27 Meadow Lane, Andover, NJ 07821 leonel AT goes.com 
r: (908) 684-8989
  7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
8.  Rubengera Pas. Jack Robinson (51) [alone] 14 Carty Drive, Bordentown, NJ 08505 robinson AT jersey.net  (609) 499-7577   7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am

Hotel in Ruhengeri

9. Ruhengeri-Kigombe Pas Gregory Hudson (29) [single room, staying alone] 547 Academy DR
Calhoun GA 30701
gphudson AT juno.com  r: ___;  w/c: 706-629-4591   7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
10. Ruhengeri-Murundo Barbara J Hales (62) [10-2] [1 rm, 2 beds] 31745 US 20, New Carlisle,  IN 45244 bardhales AT juno.com   219-654-7320 X 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am

Hotel in Butare

11. Butare Pas. Gary Wilson (55) [11-2] (Stay in double room with his brother & Co-speaker Dr Gayle Wilson) 17360 Michael Dr.,
Choctaw, OK
gkwilson AT email.com
Home Tel: 405-390-0836
Work/cell Tel: 405-427-6525
  7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
12. Nyanza Pas James Zachary (73) [alone] 9560 Avenida Miravilla, Cherry Valley, CA 92223 jimz AT thequiethour.org  r: (909) 769-9984;  o: (800) 900-9021   7/10/02 SA#0112 1:30pm

An "X" in the right column (labeled CCG) means the guest evangelist wishes to rent the Carolina Conference Graphics-Equipment package.


Campaign Site Information

Hotel in Kigali

(Click here to see pictures of some sites.)


City Guest Evangelist # Churches Membership Est. Attend. Km. to Hotel
1. Nyamirambo Stadium Kigali Pas R S Folkenberg 7 2,618 - 15,700 7
2. Kanombe Kigali Pas Michael Troxell 4 744 - 3,000 6
3. Rubirizi Kigali Mrs Charlene West 4 1,370 - 4,100 5
4. Nyarutarama Kigali Mrs. Patricia A Kubik 4 563 - 2,200 5
5. Rusororo Kigali Thomas Murray 6 954 - 3,800 17
6. Gitarama Gitarama Mrs. Mary Ann Roberts, Ph. D. 8 1108 - 3,300 47
Sites outside Kigali
Hotel in Kibuye
7.  Kibuye Kibuye Pas. Leonel Pottinger 17 1540 - 6,000 1
8.  Rubengera   Pas. Jack Robinson 19 1800 - 7,500 10

Hotel in Ruhengeri

9. Ruhengeri-Kigombe   Pas Gregory Hudson 3 700 - 3,900 0
10. Ruhengeri-Murundo   Mrs. Barbara J Hales 4 664 - 3,400 18

Hotel in Butare

11. Butare   Pas. Gary Wilson 4 1155 - 3,400 1
12. Nyanza   Pas. James Zachary 11 2000 - 7,500 40


Support Team Members





Flight arrival
1-2  Nyamirambo Sta., Kigali Pas Wes Olfert (60) (alone) P O Box 670, Yelm, WA 98597;  9705  344th St. South, Roy, WA 98580 wes AT olfert.org  r: (360) 458-1010; c: (253) 691-6029 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am
1-3 Reporting on all sites Pas Marvin Hunt (61) (alone) 112 Spruce Street
Union, SC 29379
MarvinHunt AT compuserve.com  r:(864) 427-4979 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am
1-4 Nyamirambo Sta., Kigali Ms. Katrina Lubinski (20) (single room; staying alone) 1N559 River Dr., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Gymk17 AT aol.com  r: (630) 858-7247 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am
2-2 Kanombe, Kigali Melanie Troxell (24) [2-1, 3] [double room with Michael & Jonathan] 7538 S. County Line Rd., Hobart, IN 46342 anertekna AT juno.com  r: (219) 945-1553;  w/c (219)613-4671 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am
2-3 Kanombe, Kigali Jonathan Troxell (6 months) [2-1,2] 7538 S. County Line Rd., Hobart, IN 46342 anertekna AT juno.com  r: (219) 945-1553;  w/c (219)613-4671 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am
3-2 Rubirizi, Kigali  Mark West (46) [3-1,3,4] 2018 Glenwood St., Colton, CA 92324 charlenew AT thequiethour.org   o-800-900-9021;  r-909-824-2915 7/9/02 KQ472 1:15pm
3-3 Rubirizi, Kigali Mark West (15) [3-1,2,4] 2018 Glenwood St., Colton, CA 92324 charlenew AT thequiethour.org  o-800-900-9021;  r-909-824-2915 7/9/02 KQ472 1:15pm
3-4 Rubirizi, Kigali Aaron West (14) [3-1,2,3] 2018 Glenwood St., Colton, CA 92324 charlenew AT thequiethour.org  o-800-900-9021;  r-909-824-2915 7/9/02 KQ472 1:15pm
4-2 Nyarutarama, Kigali Stephen Kubik (24) [4-1] 15500 W. 109th St., Dyer, IN  46311-3225 Stevek1978 AT yahoo.com  r: (219) 365-5361;  w/c (219) 613-5651 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
6-2 Gitarama Anna C Brown (46) [6-1] 806 Westridge Rd., Greensboro, NC
parkersnoseprints AT yahoo.com  r: 336-681-5837;  w/c: 336-681 5837 7/8/02 KQ472 7:50 am
10-2  Kibuye Mrs. Genelle D Hales (30) [7-1] 544 Berry Court, Cincinnati, OH 45244 GandDHales AT fuse.net  r: (513) 688-0822;  (513) 751-1255 7/10/02 KQ472 7:50am
11-2  Nyanza Dr. Gayle Wilson (54) [11-1] PO Box 26,  Dallas,
OR 97338
cassowary AT juno.com
Home Tel: 503-623-6578
Work/cell Tel: 503-623-8826
7/10/02 KQ472 7:50 am


Miscellaneous Information:

Dates:  1) Crusade dates and schedule: The crusades will begin on Friday evening, July 12, 2002 and conclude on Saturday night, July 27, 2002. That means there are 16 evening meetings plus three more on Sabbath mornings, making a total of 19 meetings/sermons.  However, only a few guest evangelists may preach the last Sabbath since more than one mass-baptism is likely. 

2) Travel dates: Those from the US should plan to begin their trip by flying to Europe Monday, July 8. Most flights will arrive in the European transition city Tuesday morning, July 9.  You should continue to Africa on Tuesday the 9th, though you may need to overnight in another city in Africa on the way to Rwanda.  If it is possible, try to arrive in Kigali, Rwanda the evening of the 9th.  If not, please do not arrive any later that noon or early in the afternoon of Wednesday the 10th.  The Union will reserve a hotel room for you in Kigali from the time you arrive in Kigali through Thursday night.

3) Orientation Day: Thursday, July 11, will be the day of orientation for all the guest evangelists and their teams.  It will be the only opportunity for all the group to be together before going to our respective crusade sites.  We will begin as early as possible Thursday in order to conclude by 2 or 3:00 pm.  That will provide enough time for all the guest evangelists to travel to their campaign sites Thursday afternoon.  We will do everything possible to conclude as early as possible to facilitate travel that afternoon.  This will allow some time for familiarization with the city, crusade location, translator, local pastor, hotel, etc.

4) Debriefing: I had hoped to have all the group get together in Kigali on Sunday morning July 28.  But it turns out that will not be possible.  Feel free to arrange your departure any time you wish after the closing meeting on Saturday night.

Hotels: Click on this line for further hotel information.

Airline tickets: Each participant is free to secure his/her own tickets wherever he/she pleases.  I do encourage each one to secure a competitive bid from Mrs. Julia Reid, at Mission Travel.  She has long experience with the General Conference with international travel arrangements and access to discounted tickets through contractual relationships with the airlines.  Her phone number is (240) 568-6300, her fax number is 301-725-6492 and her e-mail address is:  missiontvl AT juno.com.

Insurance: The Carolina Conference will apply to Adventist Risk Management Service for short term mission insurance coverage ONLY for guest evangelists and the support team members who appear on this campaign website.  Coverage will begin on Tuesday, July 9 and continue for 21 days.  This is sufficient to cover travel to Rwanda, the duration of the meetings, and the return trip home.  To see a description of the coverage provided by this policy (in Adobe Acrobat format) click here on: insurance application and coverage.  (Note: you do NOT need to complete the application!)

Sermon notes, graphics and topics: I have already mailed to every guest evangelist a twp CDs with set of sermon notes (Version 3, Contextualized for Africa) and coordinated PowerPoint graphics in both English and French.  A translator will stand beside each speaker and translate him/her into French.  On receiving these CDs you will want to print out the sermon notes.  Though it may seem to be a unnecessary, I URGE you to print the sermons a) on a color printer (you'll find the notes MUCH easier to use if you can see the pictures that are embedded in color), and b) using only ONE SIDE of each piece of paper. It is far less distracting to the audience for you NOT to have to turn pages but rather slip them from one pile to another on the pulpit.

The sermon notes are provided in Adobe Acrobat format and each file has a ".pdf" extension.  Recognizing that it is not possible to cover all the vital elements of Present Truth in only 19 messages a major component in leading individuals to make their decision for Christ, in addition to these messages, will be the personal Bible studies given by the members prior to the beginning of this campaign, and the advanced Bible Class (Baptismal Class) that will take place DURING the campaign. It is in the light of this fact that the following messages have been suggested as topics for the speakers to use.  The proposed schedule of topics may be downloaded by clicking on: Topic List.

Appeal Songs: Regardless of whether or not it is used, the text for most sermons includes an appeal song.  Music with English words songs in Acrobat (.pdf) format may be downloaded here. Click on the language to download: English

English Decision Cards(NEW) The decision cards may be downloaded in English by clicking on the highlighted phrase at the beginning of this section.  I have just completed work on the French Decision Cards for the guest evangelists see as well as for the Rwanda Union leadership so they can download, print and distribute these to the campaign sites prior to arrival.

Telephone: You may call the United States from most hotel rooms since International Direct Dialing (IDD) is very common.  After getting an outside line you dial 00-1 + the area code and telephone number.  ATT does NOT have a "USA Direct" number in Rwanda.  I have not checked with other long-distance provider to see if they have such a service. 

The Quiet Hour Sponsorship:  Some guest evangelists may be eligible and may wish to request sponsorship from The Quiet Hour.  While the terms of any agreement is between the guest evangelist and The Quiet Hour and is dependent on the availability of funding, they generally grant US$1,500 to assist the speaker with his/her travel (airline ticket, hotel, and meals) expenses.  Should their expenses exceed this amount the additional costs must be born by the guest evangelist.  However, The Quiet Hour expects: 1) The speaker (and his/her team members) to raise an amount they stipulate -- normally this amount is at least US$2,5000, funds which are to be used at the discretion of the guest evangelist for campaign expenses.  2) The speaker to complete and fax them a commitment form (when can be downloaded in Acrobat format by clicking on the highlighted phrase), and 3) To include a reference to The Quiet Hour's sponsorship in post-campaign reports.

Electricity: The country uses 220-240 v electricity and the standard European electrical outlets.  Each traveler will want to secure several to use during their visit.  If you don't bring enough, I understand they are available locally.  Most video projectors and laptop computers will operate on either 110v or 220v.  Check to be sure any other appliances (hair dryers, irons etc.) you may bring will operate on this higher voltage.  If they wont, you'll want to bring a transformer.  Remember "converters" are less reliable and may damage some equipment.

Just an idea:  In many African countries building codes prohibit full-power electrical outlets in bathrooms.  If you want to use a hair-dryer in the bathroom you'll need to bring an extension cord and run it into the bathroom from another room.  In any case, the multiple outlet feature of most extension cords are very handy to have on a trip.

Internet access: 

Climate: I don't work for the Rwanda Chamber of Commerce, but I can tell you that many parts of Rwanda are at a high enough elevation so the temperature can be quite comfortable.  We can expect temperatures to range between the lower 60s (17-18Celsius) in the morning and 80 degrees or under (27 Celsius) in most parts of the country. Ruhengeri is at a higher elevation so it will be a bit cooler.  Though I must confess to being a bit skeptical about forecasting rainy and dry seasons, I am assured that the time we are there is supposed to be dry weather...but you should come prepared to handle some "unexpected" wetness!

Meals: I have placed on the hotel page all the information I've received regarding the cost of meals in our respective hotels.

Visa application:  We are fortunate in that U S citizens are not required to enter Rwanda.  We are only required to have a valid passport, a ticket to leave the country, and a valid vaccination for Yellow Fever (vaccinations are valid for 10 years).   However, please NOTE. If you plan to spend the night in Kenya on your way to Rwanda, you will need to secure a tourist visa.  I understand these may be available at the airport in Nairobi, or they can be secured in advance.  If you want to apply for a Kenya visa in advance,  click on the "Visa Application" line at the beginning of this section and it will take you to the form in Adobe Acrobat format*. Complete that form and send it with two pictures and your passport to: Ms. Diana Jo Beeler, General Conference of S.D.A., 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904.  You will need to enclose a check to cover the cost of the visa plus the processing cost.  The cost of the visa is $50 for a single-entry visa and $100 for a multiple-entry visa (which you would need only if you planned to spend the night in Kenya upon your return).  To this you must add $15 which is to cover the cost of the courier going to the embassy and leaving your documents and returning later to pick up the passport and returning it to you. If you will be traveling only to and from Kenya, a single-entry visa will suffice.  If you have any questions please contact Diana Jo Beeler by phone at (301) 680-6258 or by e-mail beelerd AT gc.adventist.org  

*If you don't have Adobe Acrobat format, when you click on "Visa Application" it will take you to a website that will end with  ....visa.pdf     If you just erase "pdf" and replace it with "htm" you will be taken to a site where you can download an Adobe Acrobat Reader.    Then you can replace the "htm" with "pdf" and you will be able to download and print out the application blank.

Customs: Church leaders will have met with customs officials before you arrive and will have told them that you will be bringing audio-visual equipment with you so you should have no trouble when you enter the country.  I have been assured by the Union that temporary importation of your graphics equipment will be no problem.  However, it is the course of wisdom to pack your equipment in a suitable case, and not a cardboard box - since those tend to attract attention. If a customs inspector should happen to open your bags and find the equipment, tell them you are going to present some lectures and need this equipment for that purpose.  Though unlikely, It is possible they may ask you to complete some forms providing information regarding the equipment you're bringing in the country.  You may be asked to submit this form on your departure.

Videos on the Life of Christ: I have already mailed a two-hour video on the life of Christ to each guest speaker.  It is in the Kinyarwanda language.   PLEASE, don't forget to bring it with you.  Believe me, you'll want to use it.  Each crusade site is responsible to secure a VCR on loan to show the video each night, through the projector you will bring.  However, don't try to view this tape before leaving since it is in the PAL format used in Europe and Africa and won't function on most US video tape players.

Local Transportation: Church leaders will assign someone to pick you up, take you to your campaign site and bring you back to the hotel each night.  You will not need to pay for this service.

Exchanging Money:  The currency used in Rwanda is the Rwanda Franc.  As of May 12, 2002, the exchange rate between Rwanda Franc and the U. S. dollar is RWF 455.6 (Rwanda Francs) to 1 U.S. Dollar.   You can check on daily exchange rates between any currencies on the Internet at: http://www.xe.com/ucc/full.shtml   This, however, is only a guideline.  Depending on where you exchange the money (banks are better than hotels) and the form in which you bring your money, the exchange rate will vary.  Currency (cash) is exchanged at a better exchange rate than Travelers Checks. (You get more Francs for one dollar in cash than if that dollar was in a Travelers Check.)

Security:  It is important that the guest evangelist use more caution than that to which he/she may be accustomed.  Use common sense.  Its better to be cautious than to wish you had been.  For example, don't carry about sums of money which you are not willing to lose, and don't walk the streets alone, without accompaniment, especially after dark.  Check with the local pastor and the hotel management to determine where is the most secure place to leave your evangelistic equipment.

Health: It is very important that guest evangelists read very carefully the section on "personal health" found on the "General Information" page.  Be sure to go to the organization linked here (www.tripprep.com) and on that page regarding inoculations and prophylactic medication for Malaria, which is endemic to Rwanda as it is to most parts of Africa, and which we urge each visitor to secure and to take.  The Rwanda Union urges each traveler to Rwanda to BE SURE to bring and take a Malarial prophylactic medication (such as Malarone or Larium). 

Post-crusade Safaris:  The Rwanda Union has suggested those who might want to visit some of the beauties of Rwanda after the campaign should contact "Right Tours and Travel Agency" for information.  them by e-mail at: ortpn AT rwanda1.com and/or their website at: www.visitrwanda.gov.rw. I hope this will be helpful

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