General Information and Terms of Participation

-This page was last updated on:February 25, 2003-


Option 1: The Guest Evangelists:

  1. Underwrite the cost of travel to and from their assigned crusade site, hotel, food, visa, medical, insurance, and such other expenses must be anticipated, and

  2. Provide such equipment as may be necessary to utilize evangelistic graphics.

Option 2: With sponsorship of The Quiet Hour:

The Quiet Hour (a Redlands, California-based radio and television ministry) recruits and/or provides partial financial sponsorship for international guest evangelist on the following basis:

For Pastor or Lay Evangelists...

The Quiet Hour will provide $750 in financial sponsorship to assist with the Guest Evangelist's travel expenses with the understanding that the guest evangelist...

  1. (other than student-evangelists) will raise $1,000 to be spent for the campaign expenses determined in consultation with local church leaders,

  2. will send The Quiet Hour receipt(s) indicating how the $1,000 was spent,

  3. will, in post-campaign reports, refer to both the Carolina Conference and The Quiet Hour as campaign co-sponsors, and

  4. understands that The Quiet Hour prefers that the guest-evangelists they sponsor invite other team members to go  who may provide health or family-life talks or otherwise assist in the campaign.

Campaign Particulars:

Duration:  While the total number of meetings and number of meetings per week as well as the overall duration of the series is open for discussion and modification, the initial suggestion will be two weeks of meetings, including three weekends, which begin on a Friday night and conclude on a Saturday night.  These sixteen nights, plus the three Sabbath morning messages, make a total of 19 presentations.

Topics: While each evangelist is free to deliver a series of their own design, a suggested order of topics is included on each campaign website.

Decision Cards: The sponsoring church organization will download, print and distribute to each campaign site a supply of decision cards, the contents of which are written into the calls in the EZ-2-PREACH sermon notes. The host fields that need Decision Cards in a language that is not provided should download the English version of the Decision Cards in Word Perfect format here, translate the cards, and send the file back to Elder Folkenberg (Send e-mail...) as an attached file.  He will covert the file to Adobe Acrobat format and make it available to others.

Sermon Material:  All who have been accepted as guest evangelists will be provided two CDs.  One CD has a set of EZ-2-PREACH evangelistic sermon notes (in Adobe Acrobat format) and the other CD has matching PowerPoint presentations.  The sermon notes included imbedded color pictures which match the pictures being projected by the PowerPoint presentation.  To facilitate the use of the notes, we urge that the sermon notes be printed on white, pre-punched paper, on only one side of the paper.

Computer Orientation:  Lorraine Hansen, who is gifted in computer education and preached one of the campaigns in Kenya, has prepared several documents to help you in this process.  At the end of this paragraph is a list of the first two documents that are available in Adobe Acrobat format.   If you have Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer, just double click on the first phrase of this section and your computer will download the manual to your computer where you can print it out.

  1. Introduction to Using the CD: This document explains in very basic terms how to use the CDs which are provided to each guest evangelist.

  2. Editing the PowerPoint presentations: This document explains how the speaker may edit, shorten and then save the graphics to be used in a particular sermon.

Those who are not going as guest evangelists but wish to secure a set of CDs may contact R S Folkenberg at (540) 296-1602 or by e-mail at  Send e-mail...

The North American Division ASI is developing a Multi-language, soul-winning tool, utilizing DVD technology with graphics, audio sound tracks or optional sermon notes for individual presentation.  The graphics may be shown on a standard television set or video projector.   Information regarding the availability and financial terms of this equipment can be secured from ASI representative in the North American Division (by calling 301-680-6000).

Appeal Songs: Regardless of whether or not it is used, the text for most sermons includes an appeal song.  Music with English and Spanish words songs in Acrobat (.pdf) format may be downloaded here. Highlight the language of your choice. Guest evangelists are free to use, not use, or shuffle the appeal songs as each sees fit.

Appeal Songs



Travel Arrangements:

Airline ticketsEach individual is responsible for purchasing his/her own airline tickets.  The office of Global Evangelism has requested Mrs. Julia Reid (former director of the G C Travel Agency) to secure airline contracts in order to provide discounted tickets.  In order to compare prices we suggest campaign participants call Mrs. Julia Reid at  (240) 568-6300 or write her at:  missiontvl AT

For detailed information regarding travel dates, please go to the specific campaign website.

Visas:  Each guest evangelist MUST have his/her on valid passport and secure such single or multiple-entry visas as may be required by each country to be visited.  The visa application forms for most countries can be downloaded from the Internet at:   Ms. Diana Jo Beeler of the The General Conference TRIPS office has graciously agreed to secure visas for those going on Global-Evangelism sponsored campaigns. 

Travelers should call her (301-680-6258) and

  1. Confirm how many applications and pictures need to be completed and sent to her (always by FedEx).

  2. Consult about whether a single or multiple-entry visa may be required, and whether a tourist of business visa is necessary, and

  3. Inquire about the amount of the check that needs to be included with each submission.  The charge for each visa is normally on the website mentioned above but the courier fee charged (for delivery of the passport to the embassy and subsequent pickup of the passport and returning it by FedEx) is only $15 per visa.

E-mail inquiries may also be sent to: beelerd AT

Passports, applications, pictures, other required documents and the check should be sent by FedEx to:  Ms. Diana Jo Beeler, General Conference of S.D.A., 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904.

Remember:  1) Secure visas for any other countries to be visited during the trip, and 2) Begin the application process AT LEAST two months prior the date of departure.

Personal Health:

Water:  It is important for every guest to assume that tap water is not potable.  Only drink purified water.  Bottled drinking water is normally available and guests may want to purchase a hand-held water-purification system at your local camping store to purify tap water.

Food that is cooked or peeled is normally safe.  Beware of salads and ice in your drinks.

Gastro-intestinal disorder is still likely in spite of one being careful.  What to do, then, when it hits.  Anticipate this before leaving and consult with your physician and bring the medication he/she recommends.   I'm not a doctor so I will not give you medical advice.  But I will tell you what I have done under very "trying" situations.

(1) I am careful what I eat and drink, and  (2) I listen to my body.  If know from experience it is easier (and MUCH more comfortable) to stop the problem before it becomes disrupting to my work.   So, as soon as I fell "trouble" is coming I will take one or more of the following medications: a) Imodium (treats the symptoms, but provides welcome relief), and/or b) one of two antibiotics prescribed by my physician:  Cipro (one 250 mg. pill in the morning and the other in the evening), or Avelox (one 400 mg pill per day).  PLEASE, don't go on a trip without bringing Imodium AND either of these antibiotics with you!  So, consult your physician before you leave on your trip and secure such medication as he/she recommends, since you are unlikely to find the same medication sold under the same name in another country.

Malarial prophylactics: Malaria is endemic to most of the tropical areas of the world.  Please consult your physician and/or your area public-health department about taking medication to help prevent this disease.  For many years Larium (or Lariam) was the medication recommended by the General Conference Health Department for their traveling staff. Recently a new mediation has been placed on the North American market which was recommended to me by County Health Department.  It is called "Malarone."  If you are going to an area in which Malaria is known, please secure and take the medication they recommend.  Common sense also dictates that the visitor utilize mosquito repellant, a step which protects one against Malaria (and other mosquito-borne diseases). 

Inoculations: While most governments do not vaccinations (other than Yellow Fever), general principles I  recommend that travelers secure some of the readily-available vaccinations such as: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Meningitis, and Tetanus.

Additional Information: For additional information on health matters in each country select  and read the voluminous data they provide.


Limited insurance coverage will be secured ONLY for those participants who are listed on the campaign website.  Coverage will begin on the departure date and continue for 21 days--sufficient to travel, conduct the series of meetings and return home. Global-Evangelism will submit the application for all the participants so the application blank does NOT need to be completed.  To see the coverage provided select application blank and coverage (in pdf format--Adobe Acrobat).

Information for Host Organizations:

Information Forms:  A successful campaign depends on providing information to you, as host division/union/conference, about those who are coming to support your evangelism program.  But in order for prospective guest evangelists to make a decision to come, they need information which only you can provide.  The attached forms are to assist the host unions/conferences in gathering, organizing, and providing us with this data.  To download the cluster of forms (in Adobe Acrobat Format) just click on the "Title Line" of this paragraph.  Please type the information on the forms and then fax the completed forms to:  (540) 296-2293.


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