(Page last updated 09/16/2002)

Finances, who pays or provides what?

Host Church Organization(s):

  1. Planning, providing the materials for, and supervising the pre-campaign soul-winning program,

  2. Printing, and distributing to each campaign site, a suitable quantity of the Decision Cards that will be used during the campaign (which can be seen and downloaded from the "Decision Card" page on this website),

  3. Organizing the participating churches so campaign committees (music, visitation, etc) are set up,

  4. Ensuring a public-address system, and a screen is provided for both indoor and outdoor campaign locations,  (Note: if the campaign is indoors, the "screen" may be painted on the wall.)

  5. Arranging for someone to loan a videotape player to be used during the campaign to project a segment of the video on the Life of Christ every night,

  6. Making all necessary physical arrangements for any outdoor campaign sites,

  7. Providing a translator for the meetings,

  8. Reserving the hotel for the guest team members in both the orientation city and the "hotel city" (where the teams will stay during the campaign),

  9. Providing transportation: a) from airport to orientation hotel, b) from orientation hotel back to airport or train station to continue journey to hotel city, c) from airport or train station to the hotel in the "hotel city" and back to the airport or train station at the close of the campaign, and d) from the hotel to the campaign site and back to the hotel every night during the campaign, and

  10. Providing Global Evangelism the name and e-mail address of a contact person at a local travel agency to be put on the campaign website for guest evangelists to contact who are interested in post-campaign personal travel.

Guest Evangelist and his/her support team members:

  1. All the graphics equipment to be used during the campaign (except for the videotape player), and

  2. His/her own travel expenses (passport, visa(s), airline tickets, hotel and meal expenses and transportation from "Orientation City" to "Hotel City" - which may be a continuing airline ticket).

Office of Global Evangelism:

  1. Funding, appropriated to the highest Host Church organization and which, added to local church organization funds, is administered by the respective church leaders to implement the agreed-upon overall evangelism program,

  2. Provides the information about all the travelers, and pays the premiums  necessary to secure the protection provided by the Short-Term Mission Insurance Policy of the Adventist Risk Management Service for a period of 21 days, beginning on the day the group lands in the country where the campaign is to be held, (Policy provisions are available on the page detailing "Insurance Coverage.")

  3. A videotape on the Life of Christ in the language and format appropriate for the campaign country.

  4. A set of CDs with sermon notes and graphics which may be used by guest evangelists,

  5. An orientation program designed to assist first-time evangelists through this experience,

  6. A limited number of sets of graphics equipment which may be secured on a rental basis,

  7. A partnership with  The Quiet Hour designed to facilitate, and thus increase, the number of guest evangelists who can have a spiritually stimulating soul-winning experience, and

  8. A website designed to inform guest evangelists about the opportunities and what to expect on arrival in their campaign site, and what is expected of them by the host field, and inform the host field about the guest evangelists and their support team members.